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Review Policy 

As my homepage says, this blog is mostly devoted to Christian Historical Fiction, and it's related sub- genres like fantasy, and crime mysteries. I will also occasionally review non fiction titles, mostly biographies and autobiographies.

I review books from Netgalley, BookLook Bloggers (Thomas Nelson/Zondervan's Reviewing Platform), Lion Fiction, and I am sometimes sent titles directly by authors or publishers other than those stated above. To conform to legal guidelines, I will always state that I have been given a review copy. If this is not mentioned, it usually means I have purchased or borrowed the book myself.

In terms of sub-genres, I should state in advance that not really interested in Amish Fiction (nothing against the Amish of course), Contemporary Fiction, or Biblical Fiction, so you probably won't see reviews of any such titles on here anytime soon.
I'm also not hugely keen on fiction set in the US and Canada, because I'm not really familiar with American history, culture, or the geographical setting. I will occasionally read books in this category, but not often. 

I will almost always try to finish a book before reviewing it- even if I don't like it. I try to be honest and respectful, but I will say what I think and why. 

I'm not as strict as some when it comes to content, though I am aware of the expectations of the genre. I prefer Christian Fiction for being largely free of graphic sex references, and similar objectionable content. However, I do read books Christian books that contain swearing, reasonable violence etc, and I won't refuse to review simply because it includes such thongs.

If this hasn't put you off too much, and you still want to read my reviews, head back the the homepage. For any other enquiries, please contact me. 

Thanks and Happy Reading! 


A Brief Guide to Ratings 

I can be known for being a little sparing in giving higher ratings, and I confess, I have high standards for some sub-genres, such as Medieval Fiction. Below is a guide to help clear up any confusion as to what my star ratings might indicate 

1 Star- Rarely given. To merit this rating I'd have to have found a book quite dire. I may have been barely able to finish it (or it took me ages to do so). The specifics will normally be related in detail  in my review. 

2 Star- A book I didn't like, but that I will admit was not entirely without merit or good points. Others may enjoy it more, but I'm not likely to change my mind, read again or recommend.

3 Star- Okay, satisfactory, and usually a book I found moderately enjoyable- but not great or exceptional.  Not a bad book as such, but just not one I was very keen on, nor that I am likely to get exited about. Might read again, but not in a hurry, but I wouldn't have too much of a problem recommending. 
This is the most common rating I give. 

4 Star-  A four star book might be one that I've been pleasantly surprised by, that I liked when I was not expecting to. Of course, there are also many titles I expected to enjoy very much in this category. So it basically means I liked that book a lot, and I only had a few minor issues with it.

5 Stars- Rarely given, for pretty rare books. Has to be almost perfect (in my opinion) to merit such a rating from me- or just pretty incredible. 


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