29 May 2022

Review: Past the Horizon, Struggles of A Reserved Man Raul Leon

 Due for Release 7th June, Self Published


This story introduces us to a man who has endured pain, loss, and anxiety to such an extent that he has subconsciously dismissed God entirely from his life. 


With few friends or family near, and a heart filled with anger, sadness, and blame…he has all lost hope. One night, as he dreams of drowning and ending his life, God intervenes and speaks with him directly. Join him on his journey to discover who he is and his true purpose in this very precious life he’s been given.  


This book hasn't yet been released, it comes out early next month and I was approached by Novel Cause Publicity to review it. 

It’s not an easy read, but I am incredibly grateful to Mr Leon for putting his story out into the world. I believe this is a book that will help many people, or at least help them to realize they are not struggling alone. 

I myself have struggled with anxiety and depression for much of my adult life. The feelings of emptiness and hopelessness are real, even for those of us who have faith. It is hard, sometimes to see purpose in your life beyond the deep yearning which is really a desire for acceptance and purpose.

This is a story that might go some way towards helping you do so.

There's no judgement here, its just a personal story anyone can relate to.

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