Welcome to Romances of the Cross, the blog of an eccentric and opinionated British woman and History enthusiast devoted (mostly) to Christian Historical Fiction. Admittedly, the title is a little deceptive, as I do not just read romances, but I have the excuse that in the Middle Ages 'Romance' was basically just a generic term for Fiction. I do also, occasionally review non-fiction titles, but these are still very much a minority.

My site features reviews, thoughts, opinions, occasional articles and (hopefully) interesting nuggets of information on fiction, reading, history, and about anything else related to the above written by myself, or shared from other people's wonderful sites.
It may be wise to warn readers in advance that my reviews tend to be honest (sometimes brutally so) and it must be said that if I dislike a book or something about it, I will say so and why.
I have received flak for this in the past, but hopefully, this will not put most people off, and I do not strongly dislike the majority of the books I read.
Besides my personal enjoyment and opinion, I will usually comment on the historical content in novels, as well as their Christian and where appropriate moral content.


  1. Awesome blog! Followed, would you like to follow back?

    -Leah K.

  2. So nice to meet another Christian historical fiction fan who likes their history to be broadly accurate!

  3. How do I send you a book to review?

    1. Hi BM,

      I'm enjoying your comments on my Centurion's Daughter blog. Do you have a mind to review my novel? I can send you an ebook if you like.

      If you're busy no problem, I understand.

      I'm not fazed by a brutal review. Just check out the 'Satanic mind bender' one on Amazon. ;-)



  4. Many thanks. How do I get it to you? Do you prefer epub or azw3 format? (that's what I have)

  5. I love your choice of paintings for your header! I have a copy posted on my website here. http://joyce-dipastena.blogspot.com/p/art-gallery.html

    1. I love the painting too. Thanks for visiting (I have several of your books waiting to be read on my Kindle).

  6. Hi there,

    I've been trying unsuccessfully to use your contact form but keep being told 'Method not allowed.' Is there any other way of contacting you? I've tried Twitter and Facebook but can't find you anywhere.

    1. Yes, sorry about that. That thing never works, although I have tried fixing it several times.

      Try a personal message on Facebook HERE. https://www.facebook.com/Romance.Cross1

      Or if all else fails, email me medievalgirl01 at gmail dot com.


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