15 Mar 2016

Audiobook Review- Cascade- Lisa T. Bergren

Cascade- River of Time Series #2 
May 21st 2012, Oasis Audio 

"In the first audio book of the River of Time series, two bored American sisters stumble on a door to the past, where Gabi is rescued by a handsome knight who vows to love her forever. But there is a rival for his affections, and the girls flee into the present to escape.
Now lovestruck Gabi persuades Lia to help her return, even though she knows dangers abound in medieval Italy, including an entire city who seeks revenge. But Marcello awaits, and Gabi must decide if she's willing to leave her family behind for love."
What to make of this second book in the series? Well, it wasn't terrible- but nor was it great. It all has the feel of a rather cheesy movie.
I get that 14th century Italy seems to have been in something of a state of flux- but I don't really go in too much for books that rely on pretty much non-stop action and danger, as I think this often comes as the expense of other literary values like character development.

The whole thing just seems a little over the top, with the almost constant fight scenes, and the two protaganists, Gabi and Lia, coming across as nigh on invincible superhero type characters. You know the thing- going out without armour, shooting off three or four arrows in ten seconds whist running or going a somersault.
Maybe I exaggerate a bit there, but you get the picture- taking down fully armed knight coming after them. Then hefting heavy swords to kill enemies who seem to have convenient gaps in thier armour.
Sure they get hurt (usually Gabi), but in some cases seem to recover rather more quickly than would seem plausible.

What's more, there were some issues with the langauge and ideas of the characters. Seriously, Medieval Europeans did not measure distance in blocks. That is an almost exclusively American 'thing'- ergo- 14th century Europeans should not be saying such things.
Also, in the early part of the book, Marcello asked 'Have you been baptised- Do you believe in God'? This isn't something a Medieval person would have said- they believed baptism made you a Christian- so he would have asked something more like, 'Are you a Christian?' Simply believing in some remote higher power was something foreign to Medieval religious ideas and teachings. They were more specific than that.

So in conclusion, 'Cascade' was an interesting read and sequel to 'Waterfall'- but I think for an adult its not so satisfying that it might be. Teens, the target audience might well like it better. I am keeping the Kindle editions to maybe re-read at some point, as its an interesting setting and the story is alright.
I will press on and start on 'Torrent' soon- and then maybe borrow the sequels from my library.

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