9 Aug 2016

Around the World in Books- England

I'm taking my cue for this post from Carrie of Reading Is My Superpower a rather spiffing books blog (I hope she does not mind me 'borrowing' her idea). The purpose being to take readers on a geographical and historical tour across the world with some lovely books. 
Naturally, I'm starting with my homeland. If you're worried, the rest of the British Isles and other nations will come.
The only condition is that the books have to be set primarily in the country, and not a work of fantasy set in a fictional land, or with characters of one nationality who spend the duration in another country. (So if it has English characters, but more than half of the book is set in France, or America, it will not be on this the board for England, but for France or whatever country.)

Most of these titles I have read, but not all, so cannot necessarily recommend or endorse them all. I don't pretend to have included every book, so recommendations are welcome.

Roman to Arthurian Britannia (AD60- AD500)- Boudicca, the Romans and after....

Medieval (AD500-1509)- Age of the Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, Normans and Plantagenets to the death of Henry Tudor 

Tudor and Stuart (AD1509-1713) - From the ascension of Henry VIII to the first King George of the House of Hanover

Georgian to Victorian (AD1713- 1837) - The period of the Kings George- of course it includes the ever popular Regency Era

Victorian (AD 1837-1901) - No other explanation required. The Victorian age, obviously.

Edwardian, the Wars and After (AD1901- 1960) - The twentieth century up to 1960. If its after 1960 I don't really count as 'Historical' but contemporary fiction.

Time-Travel and Multi-Period- For the books that don't fit neatly into any particular time period, including Time Travel and Novella collections set in different periods.

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