21 Sept 2018

First Line Fridays 38: Brigid of Ireland by Cindy Thomson

Still working through my Kindle backlog in between reading newer books. I just finished Fawkes by Nadine Brandes. You can read my review of that book here

I've just downloaded this book from my Library. It's a novel about a 5th century Irish Saint named Brigid. The book was first published by monarch books several years back, but has been republished with two sequels about other figures in Irish history. 

In 5th-century pagan-dominated Ireland, Brigid is born a slave to her own father and is separated from her mother. 
Desperately seeking love and acceptance, Brigid becomes a believer in Christ. Knowing how the Irish people cling to superstitions and fears, can Brigid overcome them? 

Will her hatred for her father and a scheming evil sorcerer destroy her faith? Set in the era of St. Patrick, this fantasy-filled novel will captivate readers as Brigid must choose between God’s will and the desire to save her family.

I have picked my First Line today from Chapter One instead of the Prologue. 

"Brigid would never forget that day. Yet the memory of her mother's face and the sound of her voice were fading like the sun-bleached pebbles she plucked from the water's edge" 

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  1. Happy Friday! My first line is from The Lady of Bolton Hill by Elizabeth Camden.


    Baltimore, Maryland, 1867

    "Come on, boy. Your dad needs you."

  2. Happy Friday! My first line is from “Rebecca’s Legacy” by Betty Thomason Owens:

    “Are you crazy? My father’s going to kill me.”

  3. I’m featuring lines from A.K. MacBride’s upcoming release Shattered on my blog.

    Here, I’m sharing lines from Rachael Brownell’s Chasing Fate. It’s my quirky blind date with a book this month.

    ”What do you mean, you quit your job?”

    Happy Reading!

  4. I’m sharing from a Christmas novella on my blog. Here I’ll share from Belle: An Amish Retelling of Beauty and the Beast by Sarah Price:

    “Sunflowers always made Belle happy. Very happy.”

    Happy Friday!

  5. This looks interesting - I've read a couple of novels set in historic Ireland, but it's been years ...

    I’ve been on a romantic suspense reading kick recently, so my first line is from Tell Her No Lies by Kelly Irvin. It’s an unusual first line, but the novel definitely ticks all the romantic suspense boxes!

  6. The book I shared this week is Freedom's Light by Colleen Coble but I'm currently reading an ARC of The Liberty Bride by MaryLu Tyndall so I'll share the first line here: "What would it feel like to drown…to float listlessly down… down… beneath the chilled waters of the Atlantic?" I can honestly say I don't want to find out! Hope you have a great weekend with lots of reading time! :)


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