21 Oct 2019

Sojourner by Janalyn Voigt: Prism Book Tours Post and Review

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(Tales of Faeraven #3)
By Janalyn Voigt
Fantasy, Christian Fantasy
Paperback & ebook, 322 Pages
November 1st 2019 by Pelican Book Group

Mara didn't know her parents were living a lie.

After learning a secret that causes Mara to question her heritage, she runs to Torindan, the High Hold of Faeraven, to seek the truth. What the innkeeper’s daughter doesn't know is that Rand, the mysterious tracker she’s hired to guide her through the wilderness, has been sent on an errand that puts her life at risk.

Helping Mara furthers Rand's purposes, but he doesn't count on his emotions interfering.

With Faeraven on the brink of war, Rand is faced with a life-altering choice, Mara is torn between escape and learning the truth, and the future hangs in the balance.

Will Mara be heir to the Faeraven throne? Can Rand escape the terrors of the dungeon?

As Torindan and Pilaer prepare for battle, anything can happen.

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My Review: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Sojourner is the third novel in the speculative/fantasy series The Tales of Faeraven. I think that the world-building in this series is second to none, with the culture and customs of this fictional land being solid and credible. I do like it that some of the characters and evens (at least in the early books) are based on actual Medieval European History.

This novel is the long awaited 3rd installment of the series (by which I mean several years) and answers some of the questions left at the end of Wayfarer, such as what happened to Kai, and confirmed something I suspected in the last book, but won't go into any further because it might be a plot spoiler. 

So what did I enjoy about this book? Most of it really. I liked how alongside the political intrigue with a growing threat from an enemy army threatening the heroes, there was a hint of romance between Mara and the mysterious Rand.  It seems as though their love can never be, since they're on different sides, but you can't help rooting for them, and feeling for Mara as she struggles to find acceptance in her new life. 

I also loved 'meeting' some of the characters from the older books again, including Elcon, the ruler of the nation where the heroes live. We remember from the last books that he too struggled to find acceptance with his people, and of course Kai, who still struggles with the loss of Shae, the girl he loved. 

I think Rand's inner turmoil over his divided loyalties were portrayed realistically. He has to make difficult choices, all of which will come at some cost to him, and he's neither a cartoonish villain nor a perfect hero. 
Finally, I think the characters Faith journey is one that readers will find relatable. The religion of Rivenn, Elcon Kai and the others is clearly Christianity, although God comes under a different name. 

On the one hand, they seek the advice of Emmerich, the Christ like figure, but when his advice seems difficult or illogical they choose to ignore it. A choice that could prove disastrous. Their prayers are not always answered, nor is there an explanation for everything that happens, but the character still hold to their faith. 

Of course, I just really want to know what happens to them in the last novel, due to come out next year following the cliffhanger at the end. 

 I received a PDF review copy of this title from the author and/or their representative. I was not required to write a positive review and all opinions expressed are my own.  

About the Author

Janalyn Voigt is a writer and professional speaker with a photography habit and a passion for travel. Her unique blend of adventure, romance, suspense, and fantasy creates worlds of beauty and danger for readers. Tales of Faeraven, her epic fantasy series beginning with DawnSinger, carries readers into a land only imagined in dreams. She is represented by Sarah Joy Freese of Wordserve Literary.

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