27 Oct 2012

The Tutor's Daughter by Julie Klassen Book Trailer

Here is a Book Trailer for the soon the upcoming novel, 'The Tutor's Daughter' by Julie Klassen, due to be released in December or the 1st January.

I have not read anything by this author before, and nothing set in this period in the Christian Fiction Genre, Any thoughts from readers on the book or trailer?
I distinctly hope the novel does not feature an actual ghost, as I do not go in for ghost stories.  Maybe it's just me, but I get there feeling there may be  shades of Jane Eyre here, with the odd nocturnal happenings which Henry Weston tried to explain away being clues some family secret that nobody is willing to let on about. A mad wife hidden in the attic perhaps? Nah wouldn't that  just be copying Miss Charlotte Bronte, and far too obvious? 


  1. Ok, caveat, I'm really not into book trailers, they're an entirely different medium and doing one poorly or wonderfully doesn't mean the correlating media is the same quality....

    Saying that, the only book trailers I "like" are ones with live action or animation like these two:


    because movies are more appealing than slideshows, but this was the first one I saw that was entirely acted, and I'm not so sure I like it either, I guess I want some kind of reminder that it is not a movie, and because the acting was poor or maybe it was the direction that was poor but I'd be thinking I won't watch that movie if the trailer was so bad, so I think that's a reflection on the book, though I KNOW I shouldn't make a judgment on a book by its movie trailer.

    I have read one of Klassen's book and she's an excellent writer. And this cover is so gorgeous! I do need to read more of her books to make a better judgment of hers, I have several on my shelf already, so that's not my excuse. :)

    And I wanted to say, I was a little confused by the ghost aspect too, but then you said Jane Eyre and I was like "I bet that's it, why on earth didn't my mind jump that way???"

    1. Hello Melissa

      As I already had a PDF copy of this book from Netgalley, which I hope to review by early December, I could I pretty much had decided to read it already before putting up the trailer.

      I think perhaps things like reviews or the synopsis of a novel could

      I might say things like reviews or the synopsis of a novel or book are perhaps things that may help me decide if I am interested in reading it or not.

      Perhaps if you are already interested in something, and you see a novel about it, that might influence your decision more?

      I don't know about you, but I have bought and read quite a few books without ever having seen trailers for them (and quite a lot don't seem to have them anyway).

      That said, the first of those trailers may actually have got my interest, because I ended up looking up the book.

      Who knows, maybe they are intended as a marketing tool geared towards people used to seeing movie trailers, and watching visual media?

      I think I saw some reviews of this novel on Goodreads that might have mentioned something about classic novels like Jane Eyre, and perhaps it reminded me of that myself?


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