31 Aug 2018

First Line Fridays 36: The Holy Lance by Andrew Latham

I have not posted in two weeks. But I have an excuse. Last week there was camp: we did not get to the destination until 9:30 pm. That morning I had a dental appointment, and then we got a puncture and so I almost did not get to my friends for the drive to Devon. Yeah, I have a good excuse.

So today, I'm finally back, and sharing a book I've been wanting to read for a long while. I heard about this title about the time it first came out in 2015, and I think I was offered the chance to review it, but declined.
Then a couple years down the line, I looked for it again, and the book seemed to have gone out of print,  but now its been republished and its back on Kindle Unlimited so I borrowed it. Introducing:

The Holy Lance: The English Templars 1 by Andrew A. Latham
 The year is 1191. A daring counterattack against the Saracens’ last-ditch effort to relieve the besieged city of Acre has not only saved the Third Crusade from a fatal defeat; it has also brought the leader of that counterattack, English Templar Michael Fitz Alan, to the attention of King Richard the Lionheart.
In the days that follow, the king charges Fitz Alan with a life-or-death mission – to recover the long-lost Holy Lance, a religious relic widely believed to be responsible for the near-miraculous success of the First Crusade.

The ensuing quest leads Fitz Alan and a hand-picked band of Templars on a journey deep into enemy territory, where they battle Saracens, Assassins, hostile Christians and even a traitor within their own ranks as they seek to return the Holy Lance to Christian hands and thereby ensure the liberation of Jerusalem and the success of the crusade

The first line reads: 

11th July 1191 

"Brother Michael Fitz Alan could not see the Saracen army, but he could hear both the rhythmic beating of its massive war drums and the unmistakable clamour of its warriors assembling in anticipation of the day's slaughter"

So, that's my contribution for this week. Don't forget to click the Meme to see what everyone else is reading, and comment with your own first line . 



  1. Sounds intriguing! I'm sharing the first line of "A Worthy Rebel" on my blog today. I'll share the first line of my current read, Sarah Loudin Thomas's "A Shot at Love," here: "Fleeta hunkered low, careful not to rattle the crisp fallen leaves all around her."

    1. Wow. Fleeta an unusual name, not sure I entirely like it, but that's just me. Happy Weekend.

    2. Fleeta is also an unusual character, so it fits ๐Ÿ˜‰. Happy Sunday!

  2. I’m featuring lines from Danielle Norman’s upcoming release Roadster on my blog.

    Here, I’m sharing lines from Keira Montclair’s Falling for the Chieftan. It’s her new historical time travel romance.

    “Allison Sutton’s feet hit water as she plunged into the murky liquid at the base of the cascading falls.”

    Happy Reading!

    1. Oh time travel. Nice. Is that back to Colonial times? Happy Weekend.

  3. Happy Friday! I"m featuring Starting From Scratch by Kate Lloyd on my blog, so here is a line from page 11:

    "A few minutes later I sat on the suitcase's lid while Marta fastened the metal latches with gusto."

  4. Happy Saturday!

    Yesterday on my blog, I shared the first lines from Cara Putman's novel Delayed Justice. Here I will share the first line from the novel I'm currently reading, An Unpresentable Glory by Eleanor Gustafson.

    "On her return from church, Kileenda Jensen discovered a problem, and it had nothing to do with her name."

    Hope you have an awesome weekend!!! ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ“š

  5. I know I'm late for Friday, so happy Labor Day weekend! My first line is from Under Prairie Skies by Cynthia Roemer.

    "The sound of a spry whistle froze Charlotte Stanton in her tracks. She tightened her hold on her bucket of creek water, eyes narrowing."

    1. Happy Weekend. I have no idea what Labour Day is about, but happy weekend nevertheless. We just have Bank Holidays :)


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