5 Jan 2024

Forever, Lovely by Linore Rose Burkard

Forever in Time #2
November 28th, 2023

When Miss Margaret Andrews travels to the future to find her missing sister, she never expected to find true love. In 1819 England, Margaret is a bluestocking with dreams of becoming an inventress, but when the Tallit, a magical time-travel shawl, goes awry she finds herself stranded in 21st Century Manhattan.

At a Jane Austen conference, she meets Stewart Russell, a grad student studying early British female writers. Stewart is immediately taken with Margaret and her effortless use of the speech and manners of Jane's day—until she claims to be FROM Jane's day! Worse, due to a mix-up, he is a wanted man and the clock is ticking. Margaret must find a way to get them both back to 1819—before the unthinkable happens.

If you enjoyed the time-travel romance of Outlander, then you'll love Margaret and Stewart's story in Forever Lovely.


 My Rating:⭐⭐⭐⭐

This was the follow-up to Forever, Lately which came out a couple of years ago. These two books are funny and sweet romances which involve time travel instigated by a tallit, or a Jewish prayer shawl. You heard that correctly.

I love how the author combined her love for the Regency period happily-ever-after love stories and life in the modern world. You can tell she's done her research, but the reactions of 19th century characters to modern technology and inventions still manage to be both credible and funny at the same time. Margaret encountering a bus and a computer for the first time, and then a mobile phone was hilarious.
Anyhow, I love Margaret. She's a nerd who considers herself unlovable and unmarriageable because of what others and her sister said. I have a weakness for romances with protagonists who don't fit the mould of beautiful and perfect.

Although there’s a fair bit about regency customs in this novel though, be prepared for the fact that this is *not* a serious historical novel. Its very much fantasy with the time-travel aspect, and if you can suspend your disbelief its just a very nice, sweet story to pass the hours when you want something that is both fun, wholesome and edifying at the same time. Great for the Christmas Season or really any time of the year when you want something which isn’t too taxing.

There’s a lot of religious content in this which some might not expect if they weren’t aware that Linore Rose Burkard writes Inspirational/Christian Fiction. Its not an issue for me, or for most readers to be honest because there is enough story to just get lost in.

I read this title via Book Sirens. All opinions expressed are my own and freely given.

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