8 Nov 2019

First Line Fridays: An Artful Match by Jennifer Delamere

Its been over a month since I last posted. I know: life happens. I'm going post  to today the First Line from one of the books I'm currently reading. 

The Artful Match by Jennifer Delamare: London Beginnings #3  



This book came out back in April, and I've only just got around to reading the Netgalley book now. Since I've read the first two books in the series set in and around Victorian London, I think its about time I read this one. 

Also, I have three books in my Netgalley library which were published by Bethany Housse in the first part of the year. So yeah, I need to get around to them. 

Today's First Line comes from Chapter One (though I am on Chapter 6). 

 "It was going to be a fine day - no matter what anyone might say about it"

  Click the Meme to see what others are reading, and Comment with your own First Line.



  1. Over on my blog I'm sharing the first line from A Match for Emma by Pepper Basham.
    Here I'll share with you the first line from chapter 5 --
    "There was something about front porch swings."

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend full of bookish delights!

  2. Happy Friday! πŸ˜€

    Over on my blog I'm sharing the first line from Misleading Miss Verity by Carolyn Miller: https://christianfictiongirl.blog/2019/11/07/first-line-friday-109/. I'm currently reading Once Upon a Christmas, a novella collection. I'll share a line from there:

    "Stretching her arm, Li slammed her hand on her phone and tapped to snooze the alarm."

    Hope you have a great weekend filled with awesome reading time. πŸ™‚❤πŸ“–

  3. Happy Weekend! My first line is from "The Strength of Their Love" by Kimberly Rae Jordan:

    "Forrest Williams slammed his hand on the nightstand, trying to find his phone so he could shut off the racket the alarm was making."

  4. My first line is from The Pursuit of Home by Kristi Hunter

    Marlborough, England 1816
    Sometimes, despite time, distance, and a significant amount of ignoring it, the past never quite went away.

  5. Today I'm sharing the first line from Forged Through Fire: A Reconstructive Surgeon's Story of Survival, Faith, and Healing by Mark D. McDonough, MD: "I woke perspiring as an intense wall of heat rolled across the room."



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