28 Jun 2017

Coming soon from Venessa Knizley

In two days, indy auhor Venessa Knizley's second Medieval novel is due to come out, the sequel to Beneath Outstretched Arms, which focuses on a Medieval English noble family and their household in the years during and after the outbreak of the Black Death in 1348. 

I was read an advance copy of A Little While Longer, although sadly I did not finish reading it because of time constraints. I will say it seemed like a very good read, and will be landing on my Kindle on Friday morning.
Pre-order your copy today: the prequel is FREE until July 1st

The worst of the Plague has ended, but who among the living can claim to have escaped the effects of its devastation?

Certainly not Lady Velena Abrose, who not only bears the scar of her mother’s death, but also lives with the uncertainty of her brother’s life.

Having remained sheltered for the last three years, Velena now finds herself thrust into a harsh season of change as her self-seeking uncle arrives at the castle with news that his eldest son has died—and with him, her arranged marriage.

Tristan wants to believe that the death of Velena’s betrothed means new-found freedom for their ever-deepening friendship, but in his heart, he knows differently. Plans are already being laid for Velena’s future, and chances are, they won’t include him.

A little while longer, and their friendship may be lost.

A Little While Longer is the second of four books to be released in this compelling new medieval series, Walk With Me.

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