6 Mar 2020

First Line Fridays: On Wings of Devotion by Roseanna M. White

Its been so long since I've done a First Line Fridays post. Far too long in fact.

So without further ado, here's a post for the group hosted by Hoarding Books. 

I finally recieved my copy of On Wings of Devotion, the second book in Roseanna M. White's Codebreakers  series last month when I returned from the Welsh borders. 

I haven't started it yet, but mean to very, very soon. 

Isn't the cover pretty? Bethany House to good ones now. 

All of England thinks Phillip Camden a monster—a man who deliberately caused the deaths of his squadron. But as nurse Arabelle Denler watches the so-dubbed "Black Heart" every day, she sees something far different: a hurting man desperate for mercy. And when their paths twist together and he declares himself her new protector, she realizes she has her own role to play in his healing.

Phillip Camden would have preferred to die that day with his squadron rather than be recruited to the Admiralty's codebreaking division. The threats he receives daily are no great surprise and, in his opinion, well deserved. What comes as a shock is the reborn desire to live that Arabelle inspires in him.

But when an old acquaintance shows up and seems set on using him in a plot that has the codebreakers of Room 40 in a frenzy, new affections are put to the test.

I've made a graphic for the First Line. 

Sounds intriguing doesn't it? 

I shall go back to making more regular FLF posts so come back soon and don't forget to comment with your own First Line. 



  1. Happy Friday!

    The Codebreakers is a series that I'm hoping to start in the very near future, and I love the line you shared!

    I'm sharing the first sentence from Puzzle Pieces by Rachael Bloome on my blog this week:

    "Elle Montgomery wanted nothing more than a cozy night in."

    Have a great rest of your weekend :)

  2. Loved Roseanna’s series and all her books.

    My first line comes from The Blue Cloak by Shannon McNear
    June1,1797 Knox County, Tennessee
    It was unbecoming to be jealous of a dear friend’s marriage.

  3. Happy Friday! My first line is from "Take a Chance on Me" by Becky Wade:

    "The hospital's electronic doors whooshed open as Penelope Quinn rushed toward the emergency room."

  4. Happy Friday! Today, I'm sharing the first line from An Uncommon Woman by Laura Frantz: "Why could she not quit pondering that flounced petticoat?"


  5. I'm sharing from A Convenient Fiction by Mimi Matthews on my blog today. This is the second line:

    "The water lapped over her head, leaves and debris floating along the surface in the midmorning sun."

    Happy Friday and have a great weekend!


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