14 Mar 2017

Spring Reading: Part One

In the interval until I post my next review, I thought I might as well give a little taster of my spring To Read List. I have intentions- very good intentions- of getting through most of the unread fiction titles on my Kindle this year. Lets see how that goes. 

As for Netgalley, well my shelves are full, so those books need some time as well as the actual paperbacks I have on my actual, physical shelves. Yes, I do possess both. So, I'm sharing a few of the titles I hope to read this spring, starting with my lovely review copies.

Books For Review: Historical Fiction

A selection of my general historical Fiction titles for review, everything from 17th century Louisiana to 1930s Yorkshire, a lot in between. 


Collections and Anthologies

30838277There's also an collection of short stories: The first of which is set in Viking Age Ireland by Heather Day Gilbert, author of the Vikings of the New World Saga...

International Authors 


33971791....and a book by a British author, because they need some recognition too. Gotta say this one looks fascinating. You may not have seen it on other lists, because its from a general market publisher, but Fiona Veitch Smith is also the author of the 1920s mystery series Poppy Denby Investigates published by Lion /Kregel. Her latest book is a foray into first century Israel which a cross-cultural love story.

Young Adult, Speculative and Fantasy


29735011Finally, the YA and Speculative or Fantasy Genres contain this ine book. For a 'Novel of John Wycliffe'- set in the 14th century- the characters ideas seem a little too proto-Revolutionary American for my liking. Some people have to read everything in European History in light of a certain Revolution (rolls eyes).  Been on my Kindle so long I ought to get it finished.

Next time, my paperback and Kindle collections of books purchased myself. Until then, how about spotting by to comment with what's on your list, or what you thought of any of these?

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